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Campaign Flights
May 31 2011 00:00
Campaign season is over for now, and again New Flight was busy with candidate travels and last minute road shows.  In two instances, different state Governor candidates made last minute flights around their states with multiple stops in the days before election day.  The King Air executive turboprop was the preferred aircraft for these short-haul multiple stop itineraries.  One campaign used two King Airs for all their people.  One campaing covered their state, visiting 11 cities in 3 days.  Is there any other way to do that?  We don't think so.  Private jet charter shows it's clear advantages.

New Flight has served many campaigns, political figures and diplomats over the years, including congressional leaders, party leaders and former presidents.  The company has become known for it, as a registered US Government Contractor, rate by Dun & Bradstreet, and with advanced security features available.